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Aladdin Equipment

Professional Lines has teamed up with Aladdin Equipment Company. Aladdin Equipment Co is proud to be serving the pool and spa industry for over 60 years; the company many others imitate but none can ever duplicate. Our catalog and cross-reference guide have become the industry standards.

Aladdin manufactures the most extensive line of baskets, gaskets and O-rings in the industry, together with our Aladdin exclusive Magic Lube®, PSR® Seal, WorldPool™ Cartridges, have made Aladdin Equipment the industry leader.

We want to thank our valued customers for their role in our success and we will continue to provide you with the highest quality products and services. Click to gain access to the Aladdin cross reference guide.


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Professional Line brings you AquaChek the top-selling brand of pool and spa test strips in the world since the early 1980’s.  Test strips were developed for the medical diagnostic industry in the 1960s. Since then, they have replaced liquid reagent tests for urine and blood testing. AquaChek Test Strips use this same, trusted technology to provide accurate results regarding water contaminants.



BioLab is proud to be an industry leader in the development and marketing of innovative products that provide clear water for pools and spas and for keeping homes fresh and clean.

Our consumer-friendly brands help people around the world enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and better experiences in their recreational and living spaces.


KIK Custom Products Acquires BioLab/Bayrol Consumer Products Business 






Count on us to continue to provide quality products, service and the customer support that you’ve come to expect from Bull Outdoor Products and Professional Lines. Now with RELIABULL heat technology!

Featured Products


Pool & Spa Motors

From the innovative leader in leisure water pump motors, Century® by Regal® offers a full line of high-quality pool and spa replacement pump motors like the variable speed VGreen® along with the Vlink® wireless user interface. The energy efficient VGreen replacement motor offers up to 80% savings in energy costs compared to a single speed motor. The new VLink wireless user interface brings control to the palm of your hand to monitor usage, program schedules and calculate real-time savings from anywhere in the world.


This summer, swim fabulous with INTERFAB



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Professional Lines brings you science and nature in harmony for your pool and spa with  Orenda. Orenda Technologies has been setting trends in the use of enzyme technology in the recreational water treatment business since 1990, offering solutions to pool owners, pool care professionals, water parks and resorts, and municipalities.

We are changing the way we control algae, stains, and scale with solutions that have exploded traditional practices. We provide quality, prevention-driven, earth-friendly solutions with the pool professional in mind.

Our mission is to educate the industry and be responsible in part for improving water quality through knowledge and responsible prevention science.  Click on the following chemical troubleshooter.




We Didn’t Create The Pool Cleaning Industry, We Revolutionized It.

Water Tech has developed one of the most diversified line-up of pool and spa vacuum cleaners in the last 40 years, providing cleaning solutions for every pool, spa, and budget!

Touted as the “Pool Invention People,” Water Tech meets and exceeds the distinction of such a title. The first pool cleaner was invented in 1926, and for decades pool owners were tethered by hoses and cords. In 2001 Water Tech began the battery powered revolution with the release of the Pool Blaster Max. What ensued were a series of industry transforming products that have left our competitors scratching their heads as they have watched this revolutionary idea become a benchmark for innovation in the world of pool and spa cleaning.



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