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Praher Plastics

Praher Plastics Canada Ltd. is a custom injection molding company with a proprietary valve line

We have the people and the equipment for speciality molding

Praher Plastics Canada Ltd. is a custom injection molding manufacturer with our own proprietary valve line. We are a leading supplier to manufacturers and distributors across North America. Praher Plastics Canada Ltd. leverages the latest technologies, top grade materials and over 60 proud employees to produce the highest quality valves and fittings for commercial, pool and spa applications. As a continuous innovator in product design and manufacturing techniques, Praher Plastics Canada Ltd. has become an industry leader in plastics processing.

Local company with an international reputation

We are privately owned by the Praher family and are a subsidiary of Praher Beteiligungsgesellschaf in Austria. The Praher family owns numerous companies that do Plastic Injection Molding worldwide.

A Brief History

Praher Plastics Canada Ltd. was incorporated in 1986 and began production in 1987, in a leased 10 000 square foot building in Toronto Ontario. Our first Engel injection molding machine was purchased in 1987, and we have continued to use state of the art Engel machines ever since. Our initial sales were to the Pool and Spa Industry, through Distributors and Manufacturers, both in Canada and the U.S.A. In 1991 we relocated and purchased our first building in beautiful Barrie, Ontario. Since then, we have undergone multiple expansions and now manufacture hundreds of products for various industries and are suppliers to leading global corporations.Did you know? Praher Plastics Canada Ltd. continues to be led by John Dirneder, Jacqueline Lavis and Satnam Singh, who were the original management team in 1986!


Professional Lines is one of the most well respected names in pool and spa representation throughout the country and Latin America.