August 29, 2018


In 1992, Mark Nureddine & his partner began with an idea to develop a business creating the deliverable “Outdoor Kitchen Concept” out of their garage. Today, over 25 years later, Bull Outdoor Products Inc. has grown immensely, and reached widespread prominence in the grilling industry. Bull has over 900 dealers and distributors throughout the United States, and Canada. The company began in 1993 with a 1,200 sq. ft. facility, and has now expanded to three: a 35,000 sq. ft. facility in Rialto, CA; a 20,000 sq. ft. facility in Athens, Tennessee; and its world headquarters in Lodi, CA.

Bull Outdoor Products, Inc. now reaches across the world, after partnering in 2015 with a Maltese company to create Bull Europe- a joint venture to support the Bull brand in the European Union, North Africa, and the Middle East. Bull is also the World Food Championships official grill sponsor. Their very own Team Bull member Wade Fortin won back to back World Burger Championships.

Of the many reasons for Bull’s success is that they have thoroughly researched the grill industry to bring to the consumer products that are ‘second to none!’ Bull’s AWARD WINNING GRILLS are designed engineered and master crafted with the finest materials available. All of the grills are CSA Gas Certified.

Bull’s research in the grill industry has become even more cutting-edge, utilizing engineering experts at California Polytechnic to create the new ReliaBULL technology. Typical grills feature unpredictable heating across the surface. Our new ReliaBULL technology was created to eliminate uneven heating on your grill, making your outdoor grilling experience extraordinary.

With its superior products, facilities, and team, Bull Outdoor Products Inc. pioneered the concept of outdoor barbecue islands, recognizing the need for backyard barbecue enthusiasts to bring their grilling talents to match those of professional chefs!

Orenda Technologies

More meaningful water treatment

Water is a precious resource, and we strive to make it clean and beautiful. Orenda has a philosophy of minimalism. We deliver the best water quality possible, with the fewest chemicals. The Orenda line of professional grade, eco-friendly speciality chemicals help our customers get there.

Want to use less chlorine? Orenda enzymes and phosphate remover can clear the path for chlorine efficiency. Want to dial back how much you’re spending on pH adjusters (like acid and sodium bicarb)? Consider using our industry-leading dosing calculator to know exactly how much you need for your pool. Want to protect your pool from surface damage? Balance your water using the LSI, and our scale and metal chelant can help. Looking for that extra shine for the water? Consider our all-natural enzyme clarifier.

Let’s stop guessing and “eyeballing it”, and let’s dial in our behavior and habits. With the Orenda Appvideos and product line, you have just what you need to take your business to the next level.

From another league

We are often asked what separates Orenda from everyone else in aquatics. We invest heavily in education, creating the Orenda App, researched articles and informative videos. But ultimately, customers notice the undeniable difference in product quality and strength. Orenda chemicals are powerful and reliable, in part, because most of them were not made for swimming pools. They came from another league; the industrial water treatment league.

Commitment to Science and Safety

Our commitment to science and safety is unparalleled in the aquatics industry. To demonstrate that commitment, ALL of our products are Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 50, at a minimum. And our enzyme products go a step beyond, as they are Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60, the drinking water safety standard. Orenda chemicals are powerful and concentrated, yet safe.

Rico Rock

About RicoRock®

RicoRock® Inc. is the industry leader for pool rock and waterfalls in the U.S. We manufacture cast concrete rock used for waterfall and rock feature construction and sell wholesale thru Distributors to independent contractors throughout the U.S., Canada, and internationally. Radical innovations and patent pending designs have produced a waterfall construction method that is quickly changing the way pool waterfalls are built.

RicoRock® was a division of Rock Formations Inc. until 2003. The Rock Formations name is now used by companies in CA, TX, FL, MN, LA, and SC but all are separate companies and not a part of RicoRock® Inc.


Artificial rock has been around for at least 150 years and RicoRock® ’s roots go back over 30 years. RicoRock® started as a division of Rock Formations Inc., a company based in Orange County, California that specialized in artificial rock construction starting in 1979. Rock Formations Inc. pioneered many of the techniques and styles used to bring manmade rock into the residential swimming pool industry. We were recognized with numerous design awards from the National Pool Spa Institute, now the APSP, and were featured in several trade magazines and major newspapers.Rock Formations Inc. created a unique style of lagoon pool and built over 1,000 installations in a 25 year period. We occasionally provide project management for special projects but now we mostly supply product to a whole new generation of rock makers.

Rock Formations Inc also built commercial projects including the Raging Water Waterparks, Heritage USA in North Carolina, LeoFoo Village in Taiwan, Paradise Village in Mexico, the Radisson Aruba and small projects for Disney, Knotts and Six Flags. We even built a lagoon pool on a barge anchored near Cincinnati, Ohio.


In 1999 we realized there was a huge demand for affordable pool rock features but we were building the same designs again and again as custom work that only affluent homeowners could afford and only highly skilled rock artisans could build. RicoRock® was simply a plan to create standard, affordable methods of rock construction. RicoRock® Inc. became an independent company in 2003. Since then we have successfully trained dozens of companies in the art of custom rock making and with the revolutionary simplicity of the Modular Waterfall system we now sell standard design product to hundreds of swimming pool related companies.

RicoRock® Tech Support installs projects as prototypes, for training purposes or if a project is too complex for our dealers.

RicoRock® has been featured on several home improvement TV programs and we are a member of the APSP and Florida Pool Association.

Praher Plastics

Praher Plastics Canada Ltd. is a custom injection molding company with a proprietary valve line

We have the people and the equipment for speciality molding

Praher Plastics Canada Ltd. is a custom injection molding manufacturer with our own proprietary valve line. We are a leading supplier to manufacturers and distributors across North America. Praher Plastics Canada Ltd. leverages the latest technologies, top grade materials and over 60 proud employees to produce the highest quality valves and fittings for commercial, pool and spa applications. As a continuous innovator in product design and manufacturing techniques, Praher Plastics Canada Ltd. has become an industry leader in plastics processing.

Local company with an international reputation

We are privately owned by the Praher family and are a subsidiary of Praher Beteiligungsgesellschaf in Austria. The Praher family owns numerous companies that do Plastic Injection Molding worldwide.

A Brief History

Praher Plastics Canada Ltd. was incorporated in 1986 and began production in 1987, in a leased 10 000 square foot building in Toronto Ontario. Our first Engel injection molding machine was purchased in 1987, and we have continued to use state of the art Engel machines ever since. Our initial sales were to the Pool and Spa Industry, through Distributors and Manufacturers, both in Canada and the U.S.A. In 1991 we relocated and purchased our first building in beautiful Barrie, Ontario. Since then, we have undergone multiple expansions and now manufacture hundreds of products for various industries and are suppliers to leading global corporations.Did you know? Praher Plastics Canada Ltd. continues to be led by John Dirneder, Jacqueline Lavis and Satnam Singh, who were the original management team in 1986!


Aladdin Equipment Company is proud to be serving the pool and spa industry for over 65 years, we have become the company that many others imitate but never duplicate. Our catalog and cross-reference guide have become the industry standards.

Aladdin manufactures the most extensive line of baskets, gaskets and O-rings in the industry, together with our Aladdin exclusive Magic Lube®, PSR®Seal, WorldPool® Cartridges, have made Aladdin Equipment the industry leader.

We want to thank our valued customers for their role in our success and we will continue to provide you with the highest quality products and services.


Professional Lines is one of the most well respected names in pool and spa representation throughout the country and Latin America.