Aladdin Equipment Company is proud to be serving the pool and spa industry for over 65 years, we have become the company that many others imitate but never duplicate. Our catalog and cross-reference guide have become the industry standards.

Aladdin manufactures the most extensive line of baskets, gaskets and O-rings in the industry, together with our Aladdin exclusive Magic Lube®, PSR®Seal, WorldPool® Cartridges, have made Aladdin Equipment the industry leader.

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We want to thank our valued customers for their role in our success and we will continue to provide you with the highest quality products and services.







AquaChek offers a full line of high quality pool and spa test strips and meters to keep your pool and spa water clean and balanced. Trusted by home-owners, professionals, and service technicians, AquaChek test strips are the fast, easy, and accurate way to test your pool and spa.



Our History

A Tradition of Excellence Since 1940

1940 – A. O. Smith enters the electric motor industry with the purchase of Sawyer Electric Manufacturing Co., a maker of small-diameter and small integral horsepower electric motors for use in oil wells.

1947 – On April 29, the Whirl-A-Way Motor Company of Tipp City, Ohio ships its first 25 electric motors to Sta-Rite Industries of Delavan, Wisconsin. More than 50 years later, Sta-Rite is still our customer.

1950 – A. O. Smith acquires Whirl-A-Way and consolidates all of its motor operations in Tipp City.

1952 – Century Electric (now A. O. Smith) builds the first low-cost, high-volume permanent split capacitor motor.

1953 – A. O. Smith begins work on developing hermetic motors for the air conditioning and commercial refrigeration industries.

1960 – A. O. Smith introduces the square flange mounting, a concept that becomes a popular alternative to the C-Face motor in the pump industry.

1964 – To meet the growing demand for hermetic motors, A. O. Smith opens a plant in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky.

1965 – A. O. Smith applies the enclosed-canopy two-compartment motor concept to pool pump motors. The design improves motor reliability by separating the switching components from the motor windings.

1975 – Century Electric produces the first UL-approved swimming pool motor.

1976 – A. O. Smith opens its first motor plant outside the United States in Bray, Ireland, to serve commercial compressor customers in Europe and the U. S. with large-horsepower hermetic motors.

1982 – MagneTek’s Motor Division (now A. O. Smith) introduces the first triple-voltage, factory-wired “quick connect” fractional horsepower three-phase motors.

1983 – The company introduces the Centurion switchless, permanent split capacitor motors for the swimming pool, spa, and jetted tub industries.

1986 – A. O. Smith acquires Westinghouse Electric’s Small Motor Division.

1991 – A. O. Smith develops the first hermetic motor insulation system compatible with R-134a non-ozone-depleting refrigerant.

1992 – The Bray plant earns ISO-9002 certification.

1995 – A. O. Smith develops the first hermetic motor insulation systems compatible with ammonia.

1996 – MagneTek discovers the cause of premature failure in inverter-duty motors, leading to the development of the Speed Engineered inverter duty line of motors.

1997 – A. O. Smith acquires UPPCO, Inc., becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of subfractional horsepower C-frame motors.

1998 – The company acquires General Electric’s domestic hermetic motor operations, becoming North America’s largest manufacturer of hermetic motors.

1998 – York International makes A. O. Smith its Tier One motor supplier.

1999 – A. O. Smith acquires the worldwide electric motor operations of MagneTek Inc.

2005 – A. O. Smith acquires YYZM in YueYang, China

2008 – A. O. Smith introduces new Branding Initiative

2011 – Regal-Beloit Corporation acquires Electrical Products Company from A. O. Smith


Innovative products for the water we drink, use and play in.


Earth Science Laboratories creates innovative water treatment products for both municipal and recreational use. These include well known and respected products such as EarthTec®, PristineBlue®, EarthTec® QZ and AlgaeShield®. PristineBlue is a residential pool and spa care system that is effective, affordable and easy. EarthTec improves water quality for both municipal and industrial uses. EarthTec QZ is a solution to the increasing problem of invasive species such as zebra mussels.

Ledge Lounger


Whether you are poolside or beachside, at a 5-star resort, or relaxing on your patio, we believe the perfect day is spent outside. Our products are designed to create perfect outdoor spaces for entertaining and relaxation. Featuring classic outdoor furniture pieces, stylish, convenience-adding accessories, and our signature in-pool furniture for in water use. All Ledge Lounger products are made of high quality materials and designed to withstand the elements, so you can relax with peace of mind and enjoy the amenities of the outdoors all year round.



With our new collection of outdoor patio furniture


Professional Lines is one of the most well respected names in pool and spa representation throughout the country and Latin America.